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ACP Line

ACP-FR (B1 Grade)

We developed FR-ACP mfg. line by ourselves based on 2 decades accumulated technology and experience and it has been supplied with our clients.


FR products (BI Grade) are gradually used in advanced countries and developing countries by the construction law compulsorily. This line has been designed and manufactured differently from the production method of General ACP Mfg. line for growing market demand of FR-ACP products.


In case of the FR-ACP Mfg, line, 65% (approx) aluminum or magnesium hydroxide of FR-material, 30% (approx) PE and some additives are kneading in the mixing unit and then the kneaded materials are extruded through the T-die of its extruder after being feed into directly to the extruder hopper instead of much more expensive ready-made FR compound.


This unique type of FR-ACP production line can reduce the manufacturing cost radically. Our FR-ACP Mfg. line produces a Non-Halogen type of FR-ACP product and this is an environmentally friendly product irrelevant to air pollution caused by poison gas or dioxin in case of fire.


In addition, it is possible to optionally produce both FR-ACP product and Regular ACP product on the FR-ACP Mfg.line according to the market demand.


  1. Our FR plant uses LDPE about 30%, Fire retardant material 66% and other additives. All the FR raw material put into the mixer directly after auto weighted at auto weighing unit. It makes no need for buying or making Fire  retardant readymade compound.
  2. Our FR plant can make either FR products or Normal ones.
  3. Our FR plant can keep the consistent quality of product by using the correct recipe of raw materials.
  4. Our FR plant is designed so as to comply with FR characteristics in respect to the process mechanism.
    So our FR plant is capable of operating efficiently as with durability and great productivity.
  5. Our FR plant is able to operate environment friendly by using pollution-free type FR materials.
  6. Our FR plant uses various kinds of cheap cores comparing to the existing LDPE cores and the availability
    of FR materials is easily obtained at any place.


As mentioned above, the benefit of this plant and merit is that it has more competitive manufacturing cost even in comparison with normal LDPE core products.
We’ve been selling this FR ACP production line more than 10 lines to the global market from 10 years ago and doubtlessly this FR plant will replace all the other existing plants.

ACP-FR (Fire-Retardant) Production Capacity [S] type / [L] type

(The basis of Al Coil thickness: 0.5t. width: 1,250w)

Item & Type S type L type
Production Capacity 2,5m/min 3.5m/min
Product width 1000mm ∼ 1600mm 1000mm ∼ 1600mm
Product thickness 3mm, 4mm, 6mm 3mm, 4mm, 6mm
Al coil thickness 0,3mm ∼ 0.5mm 0,3mm ∼ 0.5mm
Al coil Diameter Φ 1600 Φ 1600
Al coil weight 6000kg/roll 6000kg/roll
Space required(W x L) 15m x 60m 15m x 70m
Electric power consumption 780kw 920kw
Cooling water consumption 250L/hr 280L/hr
Compressed air consumption 7/bar 7/bar
Consumption of Raw material (1 Shift 8 hrs working)

(Panel thickness: 4mm. Aluminum coil thickness: 0.5mm, PE+MF : 3mm)

Panel width(mm) Production speed(m/min) Production (m2) Consumed PE (kg) AL Coil (kg)
1020 2.5 / 3.5 1220 / 1710 6220 / 8720 3304 / 4626
1250 2.5 / 3.5 1500 / 2100 7650 / 10710 4050 / 5670
1575 2.5 / 3.5 1660 / 2480 8490 / 12600 4490 / 6690
FR-Product Manufacturing System
Structure of Aluminum composite panel – FR
Photographs of Sales Records (ACP-FR)

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