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Extrusion Lamination


This is extrusion laminating machine in which BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, Aluminum foil, MET-PET, PE, Paper and others are coated and laminated with other substrates. Some lines include two extruders which can apply two different layers of molten plastic in one pass through the machine. These dual extrusion machines are called “Tandem type” and they can apply one coating on either side of substrate or two coatings on the same side.


An extrusion laminating line is usually installed as a multi-purpose production system. The extruders can apply one or more protective or adhesive coatings to form various combinations of materials and coatings. The aminated film is used for flexible packaging, food packaging like PE coated milk containers and sugar packages, paper-PE-foil laminates for pouches, food & liquid packaging with Aluminum foil, etc.

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