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Twin screw Extruder

Co-ratate, Intermeshing
STS 25,32,40,47,58,70,75,83,92,100,110,136 &150

Our co-rotate twin screw extruder, ranging from laboratory equipment to mass production system is proud of high extruding capacity, thanks to high speed, high torque and high intermeshing rate of deep channel type design, to handle various materials and to meet different working condition, and is also equipped width specially designed screw, kneading elements and mixing elements for excellent mixing and dispersing result.


According to base material, heaters for high temperature process and so on, together with wear-resistant special alloy, for barrel sleeve and screw, are also employed suitably.

STS25GL+ Gear pump


STS40HST for Super-EP

STS47HSS-52S-SF-GP for NMT-Lyocell


STS70HS-BD for PC-ABS Compounding

STS32HSS-44-4SF Lab Master

STS58HS-36VD for IGRA-Wax

STS92G-SF + Gear pump for Polyolefin foam Sheet

STS92HS-36-2V for PET Sheet production

STS92HT-44V for Rubber recycling (De-vulcanization)

STS 110/120-36FN for Spinning Extrusion

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